URL tested: http://bronzefrogs.com/center/, June 16, 2001 2:48:20 PM EDT
Bobby Core v3.2.1, WAI Guidelines 1999/05/05

About this report

To be Bobby Approved, a page must pass all of the Priority 1 accessibility checkpoints established by the WAI. For more information on the report, please read .

Priority 1 Accessibility

This web page does not contain any Priority 1 accessibility errors that Bobby can detect. However, certain items require human judgment; these are listed below. Please review these items; if none of these apply to your page, it qualifies for Bobby Approved status.

User Checks

User check items have been suppressed.

General guidelines have been suppressed.

If the Priority 1 issues listed do not apply to your page, then it qualifies as Bobby Approved and you are entitled to use the Bobby Approved icon. To obtain the icon and learn how to place it in your page, visit the page on the CAST web site.

Browser Compatibility Errors

No browser compatibility errors found.

Download Time

The following three-column table gives download time statistics for the images, applets, and objects on this page. The first column contains the URL of each item, the second column the item size in kilobytes, and the third column the approximate download time for each item when using a 28,800 baud modem. At the end of the report, an arbitrary delay of 0.5 seconds is added for each file to account for slow-downs caused by HTTP connection times.

Time (secs)
http://bronzefrogs.com/center/ 4.16 K 1.16
http://bronzefrogs.com/center/women-logo-small.gif 4.62 K 1.28
http://bronzefrogs.com/center/valid-html401.gif 2.33 K 0.65
11.11 K
HTTP Request Delays
Total + Delays