Week Two

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I Online readings:

Accessibility Checklist Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, by the W3C
Paper given at SUNY conference, 6/8/00, by Kynn Bartlett

II Exercise #1

Use Bobby to visit at least one of sites you tried last week; it may be more fun if you choose one you had problems with. Check that page in Bobby and see what errors it can catch.

I revisited LL Bean with images turned back on and managed to buy some shirts! But even with everything working, it's not a fast or easy site, especially with a slow modem.

Bobby's list of problems included three priority one errors and five items to review triggered by something on the page

Change the preferences/configuration/options in Bobby and try it again on the same or different page; things to change include WCAG compliance level

I changed some preferences asking or a less stringent report, but the priority one level report was so loaded with errors, it was hard to notice much difference.

III Exercise #2

Use Bobby as a tool to evaluate and repair a web page:

Find a relatively simple page -- maybe one you've done before -- and check only for Single A/Priority One accessibility errors. Don't worry about the rest of the errors, if there are any, or the User Check questions Bobby presents regarding Priority Two and Three checkpoints.

Save a copy of your Bobby report -- use the "Save" feature of your browser (hit "Report" first in the stand-alone version).

Then try to address the Priority One problems. Bobby will tell you how to solve these problems if you follow the links; if you get stuck, ask here. You will be editing your HTML, and you should copy the existing file to a new location and edit it there, instead of making changes to the live page (if you can).

Run Bobby again once you have fixed these Priority One checkpoints. Save that as well.

Post the URLs here of the following:

The URL of the page you tested


The initial Bobby analysis of the page

initial Bobby report

Initial Bobby report with user checks

bobby-report-2.html As far as I can tell, my page meets the requirements. Perhaps I should mention that I started doing Bobby checks on these pages before the class started. However, I did not save the old, non-compliant versions.

I have one table on the page, used to provide a white background for text areas, while the page background color is green. I'm not sure if this is a problem or not.

IV Review questions

  1. What can Bobby do to help you, and what are its limitations? Name three types of things Bobby will tell you, and three types of things it can't spot.
    Bobby can identify missing alt tags for images; and notice tables and frames.
    Bobby can't tell if an image is animated or if the pace is too fast. It can't tell if tables are used appropriately,but just ask you questions about their use. And with the things it's best at, checking for alt tags, it can't tell, when it finds them, if they are appropriate and adequate.
  2. In Week One you tried some web sites with your browser disabled; this week, you were asked to use Bobby on one of those sites. How well do you think Bobby did at identifying the problems you faced?
    As noted above, Bobby was quick to note missing alt tags, which was also a hindrance for me in. trying to use a site like LL Bean. The other major problem I faced, that of having to tab through a huge list of links (no'skip links' link), Bobby was not aware of.
  3. Which of the WCAG Priority One checkpoints do you think are the easiest types of errors to correct and which do you think are the most time consuming or difficult?

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