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This is the start page for the Bronzefrogs.com domain. There are several sub-sites I use for my own purposes, mostly to try out various web methods or designs. There are links at the bottom of each page for the main site divisions. On most page using the "home" link will return you to this page.

For ease of use, the site aims for consistency and redundant means of moving around the site.If you have any troubles with these pages, kindly make a note of the url of the page and drop a line to the webmaster@bronzefrogs.com

What's Bronzefrogs.com?

Bronzefrogs.com is a sort of internet handyman in eastern Connecticut. When you need your web page basement cleared out, a fresh coat of HTML on some content or a little HTML ramp built to improve accessibility, email bronzefrogs.com. For all your odd jobs, call bronzefrogs.com
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photo showing one of the four frog sculptures on the new Willimantic Bridge

Thread City Crossing

This photo shows the frog sculpture on the southeast corner of the new Thread City Crossing bridge in Willimantic, CT. There are two such frogs at each entry to the bridge. The coppery green frog, with bulging gilt eyes, is perched atop a huge concrete thread spool. The city of Willimantic was once a thriving mill city where thread manufacture was a primary product. The Town of Windham, the larger but more rural twon in which Willimantic lies, has a frog as its symbol due to an in colonial times that the town never lived down.


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